Bio – Kaja G. Konarska


Hi there! I’m so happy you are here!
I would like to take you on an extraordinary journey. A journey into the world of macro and micro photography! I’d like to take you inside plant cells, to see the world that we normally miss. Then, I’d like to show you scales from butterfly wings, perfect construction of roses, fairy dust of white lilies and the structure of a melon. We will focus on details! And then I’ll take you further! How about a trip around the world? Different continents, different countries: Egypt, Italy, Spain and Australia… where you will explore the smallest details of what each country has to offer, find beautiful colours and abstract compositions.
Are you ready?
There’s a warning! You will do it at your own risk because the journey can change your life and your way of seeing this world!
The magic of discovery is closed in snow peas, beans and poppy seeds. There is life! Energy and strength! The beauty of this world is for you to discover and I would love you to rejoice!
Maybe I could also help your business? Show your passion and attention to detail for the products you sell? Or maybe you just like my photos and you would like to promote them, sell them or simply print them? Perhaps you just want to buy them and hang them up in the office or at home?
If that’s the case, do let me know!
Together we can do more! Life is a fascinating journey, you decide where your attention flows!
My name is Kaja Konarska  and I am a macro and micro photographer. In recent years, I have been to 37 countries, visited 5 continents, crossed 637,983 miles, of which 3,800 miles were by sea. I live in London and specialise in microscope photography, macro photography, close up photography. During my stay in New York I worked with disabled children. They were blind, deaf, paralysed and often required constant care. It was there and then that I decided that I wanted my photographs to inspire others and make this world a more beautiful and better place. Also, I believe that many of us have everything to be happy but we don’t focus enough to see that. We need to appreciate what we have because we already have everything we need and even more!